13 May 2010

PCI Completed - Inspection report response

Hello Dear Readers,

First about the surprise which I talk about in last post. I became dad of a health baby boy.

Now the house news...
Independent inspection report was sent to the builder and they responded. There were 17 minor and 1 major issue. The major issue is to do with the decor tile not in flush with the other tiles and are actully depressed by 6mm. While the maximum tolerance according to the standards is 2mm. They knew about this issue and now trying to get away now by saying in there opinion it according to the display home standard(giving reference to two display homes, which may be defective as well) and new home specification.
Thinking of taking the issue to BACV.
Here is the pic from report..


Any suggestion/comments will be helpful.


  1. Congratulations on becoming a dad!!! That's so exciting!!!

    I'm not sure I would have picked up the tile issue! What other minor issues did you have on your report?

    Cant believe we started before you, and you've already had PCI!!!

  2. Thanks Aaron, it is exciting, still waiting to hold him in hands, as they are in India and I waiting for handover of the house.
    Other issues are like some roof tiles are broken, painting, doors and windows not sealed properly, gutter water depth....
    Is your Ensuite decor tiles are depressed.
    What you will be doing in this case??

  3. Definately take up this issue! You will wake up every morning and take a shower and feel depressed that it wasn't done properly! What an outrage!

  4. Thank Hb72,

    The issue is, almost all display houses are like this and they are comparing with it. It is do with the how careful you are while laying the tiles.

  5. wonder if you can give me an indication of how much you have to pay for bamboo. Is it strand woven?

  6. Hi Asmail,
    We are about to start our journey of building new home in Melbourne. Your blog gave us good start on what we need to watch. We are planning to build with Henley(Regatta).

    Is it possible for you to let me know the Sales consultant contact details and how was your experience interacting with them?