13 May 2010

PCI Completed - Inspection report response

Hello Dear Readers,

First about the surprise which I talk about in last post. I became dad of a health baby boy.

Now the house news...
Independent inspection report was sent to the builder and they responded. There were 17 minor and 1 major issue. The major issue is to do with the decor tile not in flush with the other tiles and are actully depressed by 6mm. While the maximum tolerance according to the standards is 2mm. They knew about this issue and now trying to get away now by saying in there opinion it according to the display home standard(giving reference to two display homes, which may be defective as well) and new home specification.
Thinking of taking the issue to BACV.
Here is the pic from report..


Any suggestion/comments will be helpful.

22 April 2010

PCI next Thursday Wow!

Got call from the Handover department informing about PCI for next Thursday. Getting Pre-handover inspection done from Darren. Hope things will go fine, and there wont any major things to fix. Once we send the report to Henley, they will inform the settlement date.Hopefully mid may we are looking for the settlement.

Anyone has a checklist of things to check PCI, would be really helpful.

14 April 2010

Temp fence gone

Had meeting with the new SS yesterday, said the file has been handed over to the Handover department and it is going to take another 1-3 weeks for the settlement.

How exciting! SS is confident the handover department will make sure the settlement happens on the same day and there wont be anything things to fix.

I was not able to do other inspections, but definitely doing the independent handover inspection.
Hope there wont be any major things to fix.

Wait for another surprise till end of April.

Here are some pics.

25 March 2010

SS resigned...

Got call from CSA that the SS has resigned due to some personal reason. He is quite good guy and did a good job on the house. I wish he would have stayed till the end. Met him today at the site by accidentally, he was handing over the job to the new SS. Wished all the best and good luck.

As the handover department is quite busy, may be the new SS can do the handover. Most probably looks like another 5 - 6 weeks.

Was just passing by the house, was not carrying the camera took some photos with the Mobile phone.

Kitchen is almost completed - except the free standing and range hood.
The splash back and benchtop are blending well.

Bathroom tiling and fit off almost completed

Now to the sensational Ensuite - may be this was one of the reasons we choose Regatta 288.
Very happy with selection, it turned out really well.

Mirror missing yet,

May be we can fit the whole family here.. :-)

Choose the bamboo floor, it is more harder and 14mm of real hard pressed bamboo and environmentally friendly. Put down the deposit for it, will most probably will be laying the floor ourself with the help of brother and a friend. Will save atleast $1500 with DIY solution.

Bayside - Wife wants this lighter color.

I like this - gives more like real timber look
Will be deciding on the color this weekend. More real pics can be found on this website http://crikeybamboo.com.au/gallery.html.

09 March 2010

Long time no Update..

Hello All,

Dear blog followers/readers accept my sincere apologies for not posting any updates from a long time. As I have been away and bit of tragedy happen back home in India. It took time to recover from that. Was busy with work and other things, was always thinking of posting but couldn't do it. Staying away from wife also make things hard,she is staying back home. So anyhow, by the time I came back 3rd week of Jan - plaster was on. Had plans to pre-plaster inspection, unfortunately that didn't happen. SS seems to be good and always assures everything will be fixed and will get good house,just hoping every thing is fine.

Current status is the house is in practically completion stage. Had few issues with wet areas, frame, slab, bricks motor, slab hole and etc...seems to be/will fixed.

Here are some current images...please feel free to comment and let me know if you guys need to see any more old pictures....Thanks!

From Ensuite/Master bedroom

Theater/Family room door - its been stained, seem to be they will do layer before hand over

From theater room

Kitchen view from family

Meals area

Kitchen splash back and benchtop


Door handle

Entry point

Our lovely front door(upgrade)

Porch and entry doorSelected carpet sample

Garage door - seems to be looking ok - not sure the colour above it..

We are quite happy with the selections

This is long story of them not doing the waterproofing properly. It seems be a lump on the board. Is this acceptable?

16 December 2009


Got some more pics from another friend(Thanks Imran).
House is now wrapped. It seems to be roof tiles are not yet completed.
Bricks are delivered now and I think the bricks might have started by now. Can't wait to see how they will look like.

I think brikie is organising bricks

Nice silver foil inside and green outside

Is something wrong with this, there is a gap or not nailed properly.

Hope the bricks will be completed before Christmas slow down period. Base and Frame invoices received and sent to the Bank. Hope will get the FHBG will be processed soon. RBA has increased the rate again, wondering when they will stop rising the rate.

07 December 2009

Plubming rough and Roof tiles...

My friend(Thanks Anand) has sent some house pics.
Looks like plumbing rough has been completed. Roof tiles seems to be completed.
Wondering where the bricks are??
Quite happy with the progress.

Roof looks quite big

Quite happy to see the roof tiles color is blended well with fascia/gutter.